How to customize GRUB menu..

warning: plz make a backup of grub.cfg file before test this.

There is a configuration file it is named as grub.cfg and stored in /boot/grub.

We can edit this file for customize the GRUB menu. But normal user is restricted to edit this file and they have permission for read only. Therefor you must login as supper user for edit this configuration file.

  • Open terminal and type command given bellow for login as supper user.

sudo su

  • Then terminal will ask the root password and you must enter your password. Then you can go to particular file by using command given bellow.

cd /boot/grub

  • Now you must open the grub.cfg file in a text editer. Every linux base OS are using a desktop environment. Ubuntu OS is using gnome desktop environment. Gedit is the text editor which is using in gnome desktop environments. So you can open grub.cfg file in gedit by using command given bellow.

gedit grub.cfg

Now grub.cfg opens in gedit. You can use this file for customize following three things.

  1. Grub menu oder.

  2. Grub menu time out.

  3. Grub menu background color and font color.

I will explain here how to change the grub menu oder and you can test rest of those. And those tasks are very simple to do.

And this is a screen shot of grub.cfg file. Now look at the code which is highlighted here.

part of the cord which is relevant to windows 7 in my pc is highlighted here. And you can check your code and identify how to code distributes among the menu items which are exist in your grub menu.

Assume you need to move a menu item from bottom to top of the the menu. You can cut the relevant part and past it before part of first menu item. Now save your file and restart your computer.


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